With Flowers In My Hair

I’m going to America – San Francisco (theme tune playing repeatedly in my head).

I’ve never been there but I’ve seen it many times. I’ve soared over the high-rise canyons of New York in movies. I’ve tended stock on the prairies with Celia. I’ve wandered the roadsides, learning about native flowers with Steven and seen America from many different perspectives through the lenses of Rona Black and other talented photographers. One of my favourite views is the one Javier Acosta shared with me on Photobotos looking over the bridge. And Frank keeps me abreast of both ends of the lunacy spectrum with the latest in American politics and the American cartoon characters I missed as a rural child in Australia.

In travel, we find the unlived parts of ourselves through ‘the other’. We do that intimately when we read and view the work of individuals but immersing in a culture calls us to witness the meshed minds of many, past and present.

For me, travel is nothing without the landscape to anchor and inform. What is the earth doing here? How has it caused animals, plants and people to live upon it?

Travel provides us with other landscapes to call upon in our memories, musings and imaginings. It causes us to consider ourselves and the earth more fully and to understand the possibilities of ourselves through others.

Travel is manna for the mind and spirit.

I wonder what America will bring?


22 responses to “With Flowers In My Hair

  1. Oh I LOVE San Francisco. On my first trip there, we spent a week … stayed downtown and navigated the city on buses … only renting a car once for a one-day jaunt to wine country.

    I’ve returned several times. My favorite neighborhood is North Beach … gotta love a simple restaurant there called Capp’s Corner. We love it … and have eaten there on most of our trips.

    Meanwhile, we’re considering returning via cruise ship in the fall. Enjoy … and thanks for the mention.

  2. “Travel provides us with other landscapes to call upon in our memories, musings and imaginings.” So true. That sense of place and how our memories reside there… where would we be without this earth?

  3. America will bring many wonderful, strange, stereotypical, and downright freakish things. You’re heading in the right direction, though – San Fransisco is probably my favorite city in the US. If you’re looking for any recommendations let me know, or get in touch with A Nature Mom – she’s got the Bay area wired. http://anaturemom.com/

    • I am loving San Francisco! There is so much to do. Is Russian (hill? – don’t have my map here) worth a look What about Nob Hill? What’s at these places? Thanks for the reminder about Nature Mom. I read her after contact through your blog.

      • Nob Hill has really nice views of the city, and the Cable Car Museum (http://www.cablecarmuseum.org/) is in that neighborhood, and is worth a peek if you’re curious.
        Russian Hill has nice homes and lots of gardens. It’s also where Lombard St. – the crookedest in the world – is, although I’ve always found that somewhat underwhelming. Here’s a description. http://www.sanfrancisco.travel/neighborhood/nob-hill/san-francisco_e2_80_99s-russian-hill-a-country-getaway.html
        If you find yourself up in the Richmond District between the Presidio and Golden Gate Park, there’s a great used book shop called Green Apple Books at 506 Clement Street, and across the street is a little hole-in-the-wall place called King of Thai that has amazing (and cheap) food.
        If you can, head over to Muir Woods to see the redwoods – they’re not the giants you’ll find farther north, but pretty impressive nonetheless.

      • Hey, thanks for all that. I’m hoping to get to the crooked street tomorrow and would like to see the hills if I get time. Tomorrow I also tackle public transport. Thanks for the restaurant recommendation but we will not be up that far. Do you know a good Mexican place in or close to the city centre? We can always get a cable car or tram. Book shops in the city too? Having difficulty finding one. THANK YOU

  4. ‘San Francisco, open your Golden Gate, You’ll let nobody wait outside your door’! Fantastically exciting place: have the most fabulous time!!

  5. travel is the manna.. for sure! c

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