The Great Sheepyards of Life

Sometimes you end up in places you didn’t expect.

You’re in the great sheepyards of life, ambling or trotting down the race (the chute) with your eye on the pen at the end – your destination. Suddenly the drafting gate swings across and you’re siphoned off into a side pen you didn’t even know was there or that you thought did not apply to you.

Sardinia was such a pen for me. I’d not given it much consideration. Second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea; probably quite a lot of sunshine (actually, annual average hours of sunshine is 2635, London 1573, Zurich 1481); part of Italy but as close or closer to Africa. Done. Next!

If I’d had a country travel list to tick off, I doubt I would have considered putting Sardinia on it.

Bucket lists are all well and good but what if you left space? What if you didn’t stick to the plan? What if you went into the world openly? What if your bucket list included “allowing the drafting gates of life to send me where they will”? What then?

Well, you may end up on one of Europe’s most geologically ancient bodies of land, surrounded by bright chilly waters, crunching on its brittle wafer-like bread, tramping around ancient manmade stone structures or hiking along the plunges and twists of intricate gorges.

You may end up discovering a place on the planet you may otherwise have passed by. And you may honour that place in yourself that wants to escape the rigidity of plans and step outside your conscious notions of what you desire.


9 responses to “The Great Sheepyards of Life

  1. I only came across the term bucket list when I started blogging – still don’t have one, just a loose idea that I would like to see more of the world 🙂 And having got back from a week in Devon I want to see more of the UK, I was reminded how beautiful it is, and that relatively speaking it’s on my doorstep!
    So where next ?

    • I have a few lovely places in England too. The Yorkshire moors and dales are glorious and I had cause to wander around Herefordshire on my last trip. How lovely is that area? The Isle of Man had a place on a tv show I saw the other day about the coast of England. That is enticing. I think I dipped a toe into Devon once. Sounds like a good place to spend more time.

  2. I think my bucket list will have to open up a bit too…and include Sardenia now 🙂

  3. I haven’t been to Sardinia, but I know I want to go!

  4. Bring on the Gates!! c

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