Well Done!

It’s easy to receive accolades from the Swiss.

Just add to the ‘olfactory amenity’ of their trip to their post boxes by placing your dog’s poop in the bin attached to them. Hey kids, who wants a really fun job?

What this one lacks in a smell-reducing lid…

it makes up for with the scenic backdrop.

To satisfy your hankering to see more dog poo bins check here.

4 responses to “Well Done!

  1. I didn’t get any of your new posts in my reader for some reason… I just clicked unfollow and then follow again, hopefully it’ll fix it!

  2. I imagine that the Swiss wouldn’t dream of leaving their dog’s offerings on the pavement, whereas here in the South of France dog owners let their dogs relieve themselves anywhere, and the plastic poop bags either sit forlornly in their distributors or get thrown around the village by bored kids.

    • Yes, I’m familiar with that scenario. I couldn’t believe my eyes on my first trip to Italy. In some parts, I took to the streets to avoid the mess on the footpaths. It still seems odd that people would put up with that. I suppose it’s hard to change a societal norm, even if they wanted.

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