Channelling Your Inner Bergun

As one wanders around Bergun, Switzerland, one asks oneself, ‘Could I do that?

‘Could I transform my house into a creation, a work of art, a pleasure and inspiration to me and those who see it? Could I show my aspirations, my heritage, my values – cryptically or with clarity – on my abode?’

With some plaster and an unsteady hand followed by some paint and a steady one – yes you could.

Could you recreate the magic of Bergun? No. You need a village for that.

But decorating the outside of your own home is not about recreation or emulation; it’s about creation. It’s finding and honouring that in you which wants to speak.

It might be that you want a reminder or affirmation of who you are or what you hold true. Jung placed words over his entrance as a reminder to himself and his patients.

In nearby Stubl this says, “Time brings joy and sorrow.”

You might wish to show beauty through the grace of line…

or colour.

It may be a simple act of placement which says to others, ‘I know you walk past here. This is my gift to your soul.’

You may choose a date of significance.

Stubl again

Your adornment might express a yearning of your heart or an inclination of your mind.

Or it might just be fun.

Let the soulfulness of Bergun remain in Bergun. Allow your own spirit to express itself. And one of the pleasures of that is, village or not, when we honour ourselves publicly, we honour others.

10 responses to “Channelling Your Inner Bergun

  1. Morning darling, why not have beauty all around us.. I bet your place is gorgeous too with all your travels.. c

  2. It makes me want to say…Is this place real? What a wonderful dream (and the thoughts you bring with it, so simply profound)… 🙂

    • Thank you, Alarna Rose. It is a beautiful little ‘nook’ of a town with so much to discover. When I noticed the little people on the shutters (see ‘Make Tracks to Bergun’) on this visit, having missed them last time, I wondered what else was awaiting discovery.

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  4. Beautiful pics …. and since I’ve been away, thought I’d say hello.

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