Latch On

Don’t bother looking for a carpark in Latsch, Switzerland. There aren’t any. If you’ve come up from Bergün, drive out the far side to the designated area. You’ll be in good (and unusual) company.

S/he has another bay in the village so don’t worry if you take the spot at the top.

The first official reference to the St Nikolaus church is in 1523.

I thought it was a new and passing interior decorating fashion when I first saw it in such magazines, but writing on house and garden walls has been around for a while.

These thick walls and small, recessed windows are typical of the Engadin architectural style which arose from the need to retain interior warmth.

Seen from a distance, Latsch appears to perch above Bergün and dribble down the hillside towards it. It’s a 200m height difference. That winds out to 2.4 km on the road that goes over the railway line and up the hill (seen below) and 3.6 km along the river with a couple of hairpin bends up through the fields.

Those who get up the hill on foot have a choice of troughs to cool down and quench their thirst.

I have seen timber detailing like this across Switzerland.

Latsch is a gateway to the heavens.

Note: Some of these images are a bit wonky as a result of compressing them. The most obviously out-of-wack ones are done with Imager Optimizer. Anyone using something better?

15 responses to “Latch On

  1. I wonder if any cars ever get stolen from God’s carpark? 😉

  2. Lovely town.
    I like the parking sign 🙂

  3. These pictures are so beautiful! Like out of a fairytale.

  4. Great combination of majestic and quaint. The photo with the green shutters is my favorite.

  5. Assuming “wonky” is undesirable, I see no wonky here. Lately I’ve been developing an interest in architectural shots and these are great. I’d plan a trip to Latsch just to see that sign in the first shot.

    • Ah yes, wonky is not necessarily good in photos. Sometimes it works but only if intentional. Thanks for the compliment though. These villages are a photographer’s paradise (and I do not by any means consider myself a photographer – more an enthusiast with a camera).

  6. Cool pictures, really inspires me to paint again 🙂 Thanks!

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