Bike Hook

Since coming to Europe I’ve become a bit of a fan of bike racks. Europeans are so much more inventive than Australians in that regard. Well, necessity and mothers and invention and all that. We’ve got lots of space and not many bikes. Europeans have it the other way around.

This bike rack is on one of the trains that runs the UNESCO world heritage line through Bergun in Switzerland.

The bike hangs up like a garment – which I guess it almost is in Switzerland. Many Australians worship their cars but I get the sense that the average (car-less) European regards their bike more pragmatically.

To see some wonderful photos of bikes visit Les Petits Pas de Juls.

10 responses to “Bike Hook

  1. I have had some wonderful moments on a bicycle that a car would simply exhaust.

  2. A bike can take you anywhere and so much easier for the view! Thanks for your link to my “bikes around the world” ! 😉 I keep having flashes of them everywhere, this series might not have an end.
    Keep rolling!

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