Showing the Colours: Addendum

This follows on from “Showing the Colours”.

Hahaha. I saw a segment of the soccer. It turns out that they wear white shirts not the national colours. Who would have thought? Isn’t that the point of national colours – for the team to wear them so you (the supporter) and they are the same? So the tribe is marked.

To be honest, I feel a bit ripped off. If I’m supporting a team (which I’m not, though it would probably be more engaging) I want to be able to recognise them. I want my flag to join the fray. I want to be part of the actual team. Don’t I? Isn’t that what it’s about? Being as one. United against a common foe.

And here’s something. I was in the adjoining room at the dining table chatting with a friend who is likewise uninterested in the shenanigans on the screen (please don’t stop reading soccer fans, this post may yet see me turn into a ravening fan. Your guess is as good as mine at this stage.) and I was monitoring the tv. It seems that part of me wants to know. But…I’m only interested in the goals. Shallow Hal. I think it’s because I want to see how they do it. What is the technique, the strategy? (So I tell myself.) So am I just after the kicks (no pun intended), the sensation? Am I just a good time gal or is this a sign of my practicality? (Forget lengthy personality tests, just offer someone a seat at the soccer.)

And who said soccer’s not a spectator sport? Probably no-one but they forgot to mention who the players are. It’s the home spectators. Of course everyone expects the crowd at the field to be in a frenzy – that’s what they paid for – but the home peops, they’re another thing. So we have normally docile people who may or may not express a passing interest in soccer on a day to day basis. Put them in a group. Set them in front of a stimulus – oh let’s say a world cup type event. See what happens. They morph. Before your eyes. And ears. I did wonder if they were competing with each other for “Most Enthusiastic Supporter of the Night”.

In fact I think I can hear them right now, cheering and stamping. And you know what? It sounds like fun. So I’m going to join them. I might not blend in too well at first but I’m willing to bet their enthusiasm is contagious.

18 responses to “Showing the Colours: Addendum

  1. The fun and energy is contagious. We went to the World Cup in South Africa and it was a party everywhere we went. It was one of the most amazing experiences.

  2. So Euopean life is contagious as is it’s football! I like watching the big games, like the ones on at the moment – the sheer drama of it all catches me up 🙂

  3. We switched on the TV and ended up with the match by accident. We actually decided to switch off the sound and make our own comments about the match, it was great fun!

  4. I am banned from watching sport with my sons because I say stuff exactly like that.. why are they only wearing white, why are all their socks pulled up so high .. (lucky i did a spell check then as i had written ‘c’ instead of ‘s’.. that would have been embarrassing) then i say stuff like how come their shorts are so short, oo don’t they have hankies, that is disgusting, who designed their colours, they must have been blind! .. well you get the picture.. banished i am! c

  5. joining the frenzy is easy and fun… I’m still wonderfing about soccer, in general! 😉 did you enjoy the game? there were quite a number of goals, you surely could analyse their strategies… as for me, I’ll stick with France as long as they win, ah! we’ll see later today if I keep watching after that one…

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