Summer Streets

Summer has hit the streets of Amsterdam.

I really need to qualify that and say that it pokes its head out occasionally. Often it gets frightened off by the cold wind and rain. Some days it sits out the morning then appears around 1 or 2pm for a few hours.

Nevertheless, the folk here are revelling in it. The streets are filled. Sidewalk cafes and bars chirp with customers.

I waited until the street cleared to take this photo so it is non-representative. It was packed. Really.

Rented boats send music echoing around the canals.

Cyclists are out in force, of course, but there are other ways of getting around.

These little pedal boats can build up enough speed to leave a wake.

But, for fun, originality and community, this takes the cake.

Everyone faces inwards over the benchtop (unless you’re the bloke loafing on the back) and pedals like blazes (unless you’re hoping no-one will notice if you have a little breather, which most people were when I took this photo).

I’m not sure how these stack up against skating down the frozen Keizersgracht in winter but they’re good for summer fun.

8 responses to “Summer Streets

  1. Amsterdam is on our short list of places to visit. IT looks wonderful and fun, pretty laid back which is what we’re all about in this family. What’s the temperature these days? -Mimi

    • The forecast for today is 21 with rain in the late afternoon. The next few days are predicted to be 16 and 18, some with rain. Locals tell me this is an unseasonably cold and wet June. It is a picturesque city with lots to do for all ages.

  2. Cool pictures! make me want to go to Amsterdam, looks like fun 🙂

  3. Fantastic, in all the years I’ve visited I’ve never seen that before. I want the same answer as Celi !!

  4. That is awesome, does someone call out for everyone to brake if they have to?.. c

    • I don’t know how the braking works. I do know they have a couple of beer kegs on tap so maybe they don’t mind too much what happens. Also, they tend to be quite loud so everyone knows they’re coming and can get out of the way.

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