Muscovite Mouths

One final thing about Russia.

Well, two.

Plus some photos.

1. Spitting. There’s a lot of it happening on the streets of Moscow. Cultural phenomenon? Clearing out the dregs of winter to make way for spring? Staking territory, like a wolf peeing on his boundary? Feels good? Who can tell. Just watch where you step in bare feet.

2. Gold teeth. I was startled when a woman at a till opened her mouth (not to smile at me; not on a first meeting). She presented a mouth of gold teeth. I don’t mean a gold tooth. I’m talking about a visit from Midas. Every. Single. Tooth. In its entirety. And she was not alone. I was on an intermittent reinforcement schedule so I spent my days peering at people, hoping to glimpse this captivating sight again. Alas, it was infrequent and I didn’t take a photo.

Here’s some gold anyway.

A footpath alongside a busy road.

Buy your fast food here…

…and the ingredients for your slow food here (avoiding the cigarette shop in the centre).

6 responses to “Muscovite Mouths

  1. The architecture is truly ‘stunning’ I cant get enough of those onion tops!

  2. Outside of the history and the people, I side of me still sees Russia as bleak.

  3. LOVE the b&w .. what a shot, and the gold.. I once knew a lady who had one gold tooth, she was very old.. but a whole mouthful! that must have been a sight.. wow.. c

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