Ride ‘Em, Porridge

Mayor Porridge finds the docile bovine as appealing as the next cereal but, sometimes, one needs a little thrill.

Despite being of excitable nature (as you  know), the mayor is of gentle disposition and thus eschews the violence of the rodeo.

However, it was a safe bet that this representative of the species (her camouflage not put to best use here) would not be disturbed by a rider perched on her left ear in the manner of an eartag.

And what a view our chum had up there – in front of him a closeup of the petrol station and behind: sweeping panoramas of the highway. For rural meets urban, thrill combines with safety, it doesn’t get much better than that.

2 responses to “Ride ‘Em, Porridge

  1. Oh i want a cow bell for daisy! what a lovely collection of cows! morning! c

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