Life Is A Roof

There’s something about being on a rooftop. Padding around on the tin or the tiles, you are on your own patch but united with an expanded landscape.

Elevation provides, at worst, a sense of dominion, at best, awe and gratitude; an understanding of yourself as a contributor to the whole; an awareness that your actions matter but that many of the concerns of your life will pass. At ground level, structures hem you in and press your cares close. Given a little elevation, perspective (and possibly, release), kicks in.

Up on the evening rooftops of Zurich, the BB and I chance upon a gathering, a window, a wine, a vine and a string of jewel-lights.

The clock on the tower is superfluous up here. It marks a time which plays out before us on the walls and roofs as shadows stalking rising gold. We’re floating in a diminishing pool of sunlight.

And on this rooftop, invoking ancient times, we find ourselves eyeball to stomata with a hanging garden.

Life from a roof is at once condensed and enlarged; immediate yet timeless.

Find a roof. Get on it. See what happens.

You may be changed.

At least you will be unfettered for a while.

9 responses to “Life Is A Roof

  1. I appreciate the views of European rooftops. Coincidentally, I just visited a post with pics of rooftops across Siena, Italy. Simply stunning. Well done Cuddlefish!

  2. I love rooftops and the views, thanks for reminding me of how good it feels just to sit up on high an dlook around you 🙂

  3. I remember sitting on my childhood home’s roof… had some magical nights up there 🙂

    • I see people in movies from the northern hemisphere sitting on their roofs in front of their bedroom windows. Is it like that in Canada? It always looks such fun.

      • yeah, I used to crawl out of my bedroom window and just sit on the ledge.. It isn’t normal to see people on their roofs.. but the odd time you’ll see it if there is a fire work show somewhere or something similar.

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