When You Want It To

Leading up to this trip I thought about my ‘new life’. The duration of the trip and the change of location would usher in a host of other changes.

As events unfolded, I thought, ‘Now my new life begins’. But driving to the airport, divesting myself of house and work; watching my baggage, symbolic of my preparation, roll off down the conveyor belt to the aeroplane; becoming airborne; landing – each step was not quite ‘it’ because I knew something else would soon happen that would be more ‘it’ and I wanted to savour the moment, save myself for that instant.

At some point though, the new life must start. When do I get to the point of experiencing it instead of frittering away my time in expectation of something better, something more ‘itty’, more defined?

The only thing that marks that point is my decision. Whether that is a discrete moment or an avalanche of moments doesn’t matter so long as I move from waiting to being.

Each second of our lives has the potential to be ‘a moment’, the moment when we start to experience, the moment we change, the moment we choose, the moment we act.

It may be as insignificant and easy as letting go of artificial divisions that blot experience; as important as deciding to be regularly kind instead of irritated or unseeing or resentful; as life-changing as taking a first step to make your career something you love regardless of other costs; or as liberating as deciding to allow yourself to develop the skills and/or attitude to deal with a situation you find untenable.

Let something start today.

8 responses to “When You Want It To

  1. What a change in tone from the humorous article you linked to at the beginning of this one: I appreciate your thoughtfulness this time. Here’s wishing you many moments of the types you mentioned in the next-to-the-last paragraph.

    Steve Schwartzman

  2. a great reminder about approaching life and beautiful photos too 🙂

  3. Great blend of philosophy through pictures in nature. 🙂

  4. What a fantastic post. You are so right. Every moment is a new moment! So much to see and experience, so many people to meet.. c

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