At a Cow, Darkly

The HundKatzMaus (DogCatMouse) exhibition in the Kunsthaus, Zurich, from 1st April to 31st July 2011 displayed art works not only of those animals. There were other mammals, as well as birds and fish.

By Giacometti. In the Kunsthaus but not the exhibition

The pink shell lady was there with that most verbal of creatures, the ‘fluffy white’, known to dog beach goers as the ‘pipecleaner’ or ‘little yapper’. It was mercifully quiet – as one would expect from something made of shells.

One room featured a number of paintings of cows. ‘Veritably bucolic,’ I thought as I wandered from one to the next, imbibing the rural atmosphere.

But things soon turned dark.

Three paintings by different artists hung side by side. The first showed the cutting up of a dead steer; in the next, the cuts hung from hooks; finally the animal appeared in the guise of food on a platter. Andy Warhol ended the sequence with a large painting of a tin of vegetable beef soup.

Print available from the Kunsthaus, Zurich

What fun it must be to curate an art exhibition – to choose a theme and decide what one wants the viewer to consider.

What would you explore in your exhibition? ———————————————————————————————

Trams 3, 5, 8, 9 and 31 stop outside the Kunsthaus. For opening hours and details of exhibitions click here. Remember, on Wednesday, admission to the general collection (which included this exhibition) is free of charge for all visitors.

2 responses to “At a Cow, Darkly

  1. My mind is racing too much to determine my own exhibition. I imagine it would be around something thought-provoking … challenging as I would want a visit to be thinking … as opposed to “it’s just a can of soup” or “why did a can of soup.”

    Lastly, thanks for visiting my blog and my apologies for not answering sooner. Normally, I am one to reply quickly to comments and to reciprocate a visit. On the other hand, I currently have my share of time constraints.

    • I wonder if one of the things that defines art is that it makes the viewer think. Maybe it’s enough to simply provide aesthetics.
      No worries at all about not responding to my comments as quickly as you would wish. Keeping abreast of the blogs I follow as well as managing my non-blogging life is an act I am working on daily.

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