This Air, The Rain

This day, the German summer air is laden with visible moisture – not mist – enough to blur and blue the forest trees skirting the narrow field beside which I sit. Australian air is intense, like eyes piercing secrets.
I had not known there was other air.

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Delicate rain is falling                                                                                                              on the far side of the worn wooden fence                                                                                     a few paces from me.
It is like being next to the quivering hide of a wild animal.
I almost want to hold my breath so I don’t scare it away.                                                   It whispers across my skin                                                                                                                   then widely-spaced drops                                                                                                              lit like stardust or slivers of diamond                                                                                            smite me                                                                                                                                                            cold and precise.

8 responses to “This Air, The Rain

  1. ops forgot to tick “notify me of new posts via email…done!

  2. your blog’s well named…evocative ..i loved the description of Australian air…it IS like that here! I shall look forward to following your blogs as have read lots of them and really like your writing…

  3. wonderful, let me sit with this awhile.. c

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