Of Celery and Power

Grocers take their duties very seriously in Germany. This is a sign on a town store.

It says, “Most dream of money, power or sex. We dream of fresh and crunchy celery.”


6 responses to “Of Celery and Power

  1. I could not resist this sign. But of course I am a registered dietitian:) I think maybe I would have picked another vegetable to rhapsodize about though–maybe red peppers, or butternut squash….

  2. That’s a great poster; thanks for bringing it to our attention. I’d be happy to see similar ones in English. In spite of the doubts you expressed in your answer to Cecilia’s comment, maybe you can start a campaign.

  3. OH! that is so NOT the kind of sign one expects from a grocery store. i amy have to put this on the FB too.. nuts! c

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