Hunting and Gathering

Picking wild raspberries in the Black Forest, southern Germany.

Tiny taste bombs

I feel fulfillingly independent of mankind –  like an Earth-child – as I forage. Unfortunately, it’s the shelves at the local Edeka that ultimately provide an adequate feed.

4 responses to “Hunting and Gathering

  1. In Australia, a drive through the orchard region of Western Australia was always a great day out. You would come back with boxes of really cheap fresh fruit and vegetables from roadside stalls set up in the driveway of each farm. Preserves and chutneys of all kinds, as well as a stop at the iconic Kirrup “Pub” for a flagon of their famous Kirrup Syrup. Red rocket fuel!

    • Fresh orchard produce is one of the delights of summer, wherever you find it. I remember full, glossy cherries sold by the side of the road in Norway just an hour after we’d flown in. What a welcome.
      I have not yet tried the Kirup Syrup. Is it still made? I can’t find anything about it on the web since 2010.

  2. yeah, don’t eat those ones they are not ripe! we used to forage for blackberries in a little town in somerset, just the walk to the pub in the late summer and back, always yielded enough for a lovely desert with a little cold fresh cream from the dairy farm up the road a bit, idyllic! c

    • Blackberries are an environmental curse in Australia. Nevertheless, they made great pies and jam where I used to live. They were a little tart for raw eating – not as plump as in England. Thick, fresh cream – sometimes I daydream about that. It’s been years.

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