A Gaggle of Locals

The River Ouse…

I appreciate a misnomer as much as the next person and this is a splendid one. This river doesn’t ooze but I am always transported to medieval times when I hear its name, as if it was then a sludgy, slow-moving, reed-filled cesspool limping sore across the pristine Yorkshire countryside.

Actually, the Romans built jetties along it and it was an important trading centre for the Vikings then the Normans in the middle ages. It was only later that it started to silt up and prevent the passage of large ships. The modern eye cast over its surface will observe it flowing unimpeded – much as its Celtic name meaning ‘water’, suggests.

Strolling on the banks.

Huddling on the banks.

Floating alongside.

This is a river that does not live down to its name.


4 responses to “A Gaggle of Locals

  1. I agree! The little ie cream van adds a lovely touch of whimsy to the stern overhang of the rigid, formal looking buildings. I really like the contrast.

  2. Oh look at the ice cream man in his little tiny ice cream caravan,, your kids at school must love your photographs too, this is a lovely town and that duck appears to be huge! Looking at you and wondering if you are food! c

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