Model Porridge

Professor Porridge’s keynote talk at ICOM (International Conference on Memory) in York was very well-received. Using the newly developed software, Porridge Point, he discussed his model, Process Oriented Relative Recall Individual Differences Goal Evaluator.

He devoted another talk during the conference to describing the integration of the OATS (Ordinal Association of Time and Space) and PORRIDGE models.

Always thought-provoking, the Professor’s latest work is truly ground-breaking.

(With thanks to Simon from Bristol University)


6 responses to “Model Porridge

  1. Porridge Point looks like a very impressive piece of software indeed, although I can’t help feeling that it may be a good idea if it were upgraded to include a SALT (Spacial Adjustment Link Timing) component in order to improve slide load time.

  2. I thought something was missing from the first talk, in that no discussion was given to Memory In Local Kinetics or Sequential Unorganized Gradients in Associative Recall

  3. I can only agree, Porridge’s talk opened up an entirely new perspective on memory. The new model is a game changer, it finally makes the connection between memory, brain, the truth, relativity, and the meaning of it all.
    Klaus Oberauer, Professor of Psychology

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