Serving and Surprising

Hiking around the countryside near Hambleden, UK, The BB and I found ourselves striding along a green tunnel, winding off behind …

and in front of us.

Suddenly, out popped a mailbox, in this middle-of-nowhere (as much as any rural setting in England can be the middle of nowhere). Except that it wasn’t popping so much as lurking. Under a bush, in a hedge where the few passers-by who happen to be carrying a parcel or a letter or some other postable item, might easily miss it. What happened to having post boxes in towns? Sticky-out ones that are visible.

 Here’s another sneaky one, flush with a wall near Warwick Castle. Just hanging out at a bend in the road. Loitering almost.

They are the silent observers, who also surprise and serve the distributed and wandering populace.


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