Let the Adventure Begin

One of my current favourite things to say is, ‘Let the adventure begin!’ I’m careful not to overuse it because I’m afraid that might habituate me so that I require bigger and bigger experiences to feel I’m having an adventure. On the other hand, adventures are everywhere so why not acknowledge them?

There is adventure and blessing in waking up each day. Who knows what might happen; what I might make happen, even in what appears, from under the duna, to be a normal working day.

What ideas will I have, what new associations will I make this day? What new food, art, writing,  exercise, knowledge will I try? What will I notice in my normal daily life that I haven’t before eg. along my route to work? What daily activity will I do differently eg take a new route to work, wear stilettos for the vacuuming? Who will I affect today and how? How will I live my life a little more as I would like to?

Who will I be this day?


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