Take One Steering Wheel, Add a Dash of Italy…

After rain drove us from our intended walk at Sasso we devised Plan B: drive north-west to Lago d’Idro. This is a scenic, winding drive alongside Lake Valvestino,

past the dam and on to the southern end of the lake.

Not long after that, the fun began. We took the route back through Eno. The scenery was stunning.

At one point we thought we might be trespassing, driving through someone’s goat yard, so close were the fences to the sides of our car.

The BB may not have seen much – funny how the narrow roads and tight turns seem to squeeze out the rally driver in people.

And speaking of narrow roads…

Our fellow travellers are in possession of that most modern and infallibly useful device, the car GPS.

One day, whilst on excursion near Lake Garda, they came upon two Italian women gesticulating wildly. Wondering if the flailing arms were some kind of signal directed at them, they stopped.

The women implored them to back out of the road while they still could. Just the previous week, one of their husbands had had to pull out the latest GPS victim with his tractor.

Apparently, since the advent of the GPS, the man has been kept busy removing the cars of people who have driven steadfastly on down the ever narrowing roadway, cavalierly disregarding the physical evidence of a road that has diminished to the width and surface of little more than a goat track. They have literally driven to the point of becoming jammed. The GPS told them to do it – it was the shortest route.

If these people are not looking out the windscreen, how the hell are they driving in the first place?

It’s akin to checking the weather forecast on the computer to see if it’s raining outside.

I am reminded of the time when one of my nephews drove a four-wheel motorbike between some sheoaks in the bush and got stuck. Here we’re talking a combination of misplaced optimism, undeveloped spatial awareness and a certain yahoo attitude. One presumes some fundamental differences in the GPS situation. The cars are not being driven by primary school children, for starters.

I have been in cars where the GPS has admonished the driver to slow down. So they ‘know’ speed limits. Should they be programmed with road surfaces and widths as well? Perhaps there could be an option to punch in the width of the vehicle so people could sit in their capsule, safe in the knowledge that, if it wasn’t for having to actually align themselves on the road, they wouldn’t have to look outside or make any decisions at all.

In the meantime, these women and countless other folk around the world, maintain their vigil – a kindness in the face of blind faith.

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  1. Classic.


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