Coloured Eggs (Non-Easter)

“You’d think that chocolate milk comes from choc-o-late cows.” So goes the annoyingly catchy Australian advertising jingle.

 I am unsure what to attribute these chook eggs to. A rainbow lorikeet?

 And from a purely evolutionary perspective, what is the point? How does this benefit retailer or shopper, unless said shopper is a kindergartener who wants to make a colourful collage or mosaic.

 But, they are quite fun.


6 responses to “Coloured Eggs (Non-Easter)

  1. What about the evolutionary make up we have to be geared towards bright colours? I would be more inclined to buy eggs if they were colourful, or choose to buy the coloured eggs over the boring plain ones.

    • The coloured ones were much more fun although there is someting rather comfortable and pleasant about a brown hen’s egg. I think your point about humans being attracted to colour is an pertinent and valid one. Seems to have little effect on clothing manufacturers who insist on grey, beige and black a lot of the time though. Of course, they respond to societal changes eg red during times of war (Certainly historically – if that were the case now, America would be wearing nothing but red). I wonder if the GFC is in any way connected to the current drabness of garments.

  2. Maybe it’s the REAL truth about 9/11 but in code 😉 (Only joking of course, I am not a conspiracy nutter..)

  3. Whatever floats the consumer’s boat I suppose. The ones in the second pic look like they are spherical. That’s handy because you could ask someone on the other side of the room to “Roll me a chocolate will ya?” 🙂

    • Yes, but how does an idea like this arise in the first place? Do chook farmers think, “Gee, let’s colour our eggs. That’ll increase sales.” Maybe there is some kind of coding going on that I can’t read – different colours for different purposes. Red means fry, yellow means scramble etc. It doesn’t make sense. Maybe someone knows.

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