Glass Cork

I was delighted to open a bottle of French red recently and find that the cork was made from glass. So sweet.

It’s only a viable substitute for those Australian outbackers who hang corks from their hats to keep away the flies if they also don a pair of plastic goggles as protection against the shards of flying glass. Still, it’d knock the biggest marchie (march fly) for six.

I was wondering what you call one of these things. It’s not really ‘a cork’ and ‘a glass’ is already taken. ‘Glass wine stopper’ does not encompass its felicity. Ideas?

Then I started thinking about things that are named after the substance they are made from eg a glass, a cork, a rubber (eraser), a tin. ‘A paper’ just belongs even though it is a number of pieces of paper. (Sesame Street here we come). Things like ‘china’ and ‘silver’ don’t because they must be prefaced with ‘the’. Any others you can add to the list?


9 responses to “Glass Cork

  1. A packet of gravel?

  2. tissue?…..sponge?….string?

    and I’ve got to say it……poo, wee, booger, dribble!!!

    xx Delia

    • Can’t pay tissue. It’s made from wood, cellulose, paper whatever. Yes to sponge – certainly in the old days when they were actual sponges. Not now when they’re foam. Brown string is made from some kind of fibre and white string is cotton.
      And, er, thanks for your input on the rest D ( I think). Dribble is made from saliva. Reluctantly I concede the others but don’t think they’ll make it into my top ten because they’re far too rude for this family site. Actually, don’t think booger makes it either now I think about it. It’s made from mucous. The others – definitely.

  3. Hi!
    I was intrigued to learn that you had a bottle of French red with a glass cork as I’ve never yet come across one. Could you explain more about which wine it is and who produced it? Please? Pretty please? With bells on and a lovely riboon?

  4. How about cloth, chamois, and fur?

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