Some Things Just Don’t Travel

As the aeroplane taxis, I think of my children – my brood, my trio of liquorice allsorts (obviously out of the same familial packet but with their own quirks). How will it be without them?

Some things just don’t travel: The “Hey Mum, check this out” moment; the late night phone call to mull over career options; the quick shoulder massage in passing. These things are lost…for the time being; stored as memories and looked forward to upon return.

How, if at all, do one’s individual relationships, based, when at home, on phone calls and in-person contact, alter with texts and emails?

People have been dealing with changing communication styles for eons, ever since they first lurched out of caves and sent smoke signals back to their loved ones around the hearth. As seems to be the case with actual language – the words we have at our command – does our form of communication have some influence on the way we view and interact with the world and others?

The ‘experiment’ is running.

One response to “Some Things Just Don’t Travel

  1. you think too much!!!

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