If Only I Felt Like Eating Chocolate

I cannot believe it! I am here in the land of chocolate and more chocolate (gives milk and honey a run for its money) and don’t even feel like eating the stuff. What a waste.

I could have used a chocolate lift yesterday when the computer shut down completely every ten minutes or so. It took an age to restart. Today I could have had a pedicure or learnt to pickle grapefruit in the time it took for a new page to load or even shut down, yet I remained strangely unmoved by the thought of the Good Brown as a way of making it all more pleasant.

And there’s so much of it, everywhere I look. So many brands. Such good quality. So inexpensive. A cornucopia of flavours and hues. Cacao in a myriad of proportions: 64%, 72%, (make of those what you will), 85%, 90% (the latter for the hard core, chocolate’s-not-about-sweetness-and-yes-I-do-sleep-on-a-bed-of-nails consumer). There is exquisite pleasure in the agony of indecision in the face of so many fine options.

And all that without even setting foot inside a Lindt store. I had imagined tasting my way through two or three chocolates per day, feeling for a while like a connoisseur as I created a ranking or at least a taste record. One can be thorough with such small items, in a way that hefty blocks preclude.

When I return home, will I think wistfully of my time here, regretting that I didn’t consider my future self and the taste memories I would like to have or will I be glad, in a robustly healthy way? Missed experiences are easy to regret but missed consumerism is less so.

I’ll see what unfolds. This is a time to go with the body’s desires. In the meantime, maybe I’ll start looking further afield. This is Switzerland after all – land of cheese and bakeries.

8 responses to “If Only I Felt Like Eating Chocolate

  1. what is piste???? xNic

  2. Thanks for your very valuable comment, Gazza. At this early stage, all comments count in the great race up the abacus. May be heading out to the rock later today. Save the piste for another time.

  3. I say Annie, I say pet, I say love, I say dahling, I say pet….in the interest of helping you to resolve your chocolate indecision, I forward to you the following “ethical chocolate guide”. My dear, I fear the choices are somewhat limited if one hopes to maintain the security of the planet and humanity (child-manity??) Afterall…WWG-UC?*


    Have fun….stay healthy and for god’s sake, woman EAT SOME CHOCOLATE! :)) (but only the “good” sort, of course)!
    P.S. Love your work!
    *What Would Get-Up Condone?

    • Hello, Kara, thanks for the link. That is an excellent website. easy to remember: stay away from Nestle (well, we all knew that anyway after the powdered-milk-for-babies crime), Mars, Kraft and Hershey if you care about people, the environment, your health and your legacy. Great to see that we in Australia and N.Z. have some excellent options at the chocolate store.

  4. A comment from a husband! Does it count? Whereas mine is valuable!!
    Great blog Annie, a thoroughly enjoyable read. I do think, however, more time needs to be spent on the piste.
    Also now we will know what you have been up to!!!
    Enjoy your time in the big Z

  5. Guess what. This is a comment. Love your cuttlefish.

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